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helping you find the best version of yourself through a healthier relationship with food

DMV's most loved door-to-door meal prep & personal chef experiences.


How it works

Choose between an indulging night in with a Private Chef to cater to you & your party or transform into a chef for a day! 


How it works

Transition into a healthier & more sustainable way of living through your eating habits. Choose between custom curated meal prep plans or our a-la-carte menu like you always have!  


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what's new?

what's new?


We've added some fun new services and gave our site a little makeover!

Be sure to browse around or holler at us if you have any questions!

Side Dish Queen

Chef Gigi is a DC native who was raised in a culinary household. After graduating culinary school she began her own path in the culinary community. She worked in a variety of kitchens in the DMV area that helped hone her skills and mold her style. She took a break from the industry to pursue a career in healthcare. This transition led to a healthier lifestyle that landed her back in the kitchen. The SDQ Lyfestyle was born. 

"I began my health quest alongside my mother, who has Type 2 diabetes. We were motivated to get into a healthier routine; my mother even lost 20 lbs in a matter of months. I was able to help her develop health-conscious habits she was actually interested in maintaining. Today I use that same philosophy to creatively formulate custom menus and recipes. We at SDQ are dedicated to helping you & your family live the same Lyfestyle we do: fresh eats and tasty drinks to support activity and mental wellness. 

Your Lyfestyle journey is not a sprint, it's a marathon, and we want to be with you every step of the way."

- Chef Gigi

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